Listen Again – The Reunion (London Olympics 1948)

If you, like me, are already fed up with the Olympic hysteria this year, then take some time out to listen to this and have a good laugh.  This is all about how The Olympics should be done.  It’s hilarious, and only serves to underline what a load of old nonsense today’s Olympic proponents spout.

Sewing their own stripes onto their outfits, eating rations, wearing chamois shorts and woollen tops, and practicing cycling on their errand bikes; these people really did encapsulate the true spirit of the competition.  I laughed out loud when Roger Bannister (not a competitor) explained how he only managed to get hold of a union flag for the opening ceremony at the last minute.

All the programme’s participants are wonderfully unassuming and a world away from today’s pampered, self-important athletes.  Absolutely charming.  Listen again here:

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  1. Did you happen to hear The Reunion this morning? Re: some of the women and men involved in the Greenham Common ‘doings’. The women put we females to absolute shame in that, as the men said, they were constantly making interruptions. Talk about doing women no favours!

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